3 Artists About to Blow Up

What’s up Internet. Welcome to my world. To kick off this blog I’d like to introduce you to three artists I believe are soon going to take the world by storm in their representative genres. Maybe you’ve heard about them, maybe not. Anywhoosies, here are my 3 artists about to blow up:

Alessia Cara

Ever since this young talented girl released her first single “Here” (which is ridiculously hot) I’ve been singing her praises. Lo and behold, she released a four track EP not too long ago. Ho. Ly. Shit. Her sound (and her instagram) will tell you she idolizes the iconic Amy Winehouse, but her voice is so much more warm and soulful. If you love old school R&B, give this girl a listen.


I would have never heard about this kid have not my roommate (who has really good taste in music) randomly found him on soundcloud a few months ago. Joshua, a 17 year old kid from London produces remixes and originals like there was no tomorrow. But the extraordinary thing is that his shit is consistently dope. Following the footsteps of artists like Stwo, Snakehips, Cashmere Cat and Kaytranada – This guy will influence the eclectic future bass genre for years to come. Did I mention he’s working on an album?

Amir Obe

Last on my list we have Brooklyn x Detroit rapper Amir Obe. I randomly found his track “Drugs & Cam’ron” while browsing Vine (no shit). I was instantly hooked and found one of the best mixtapes from 2014, namely “Detrooklyn”. I wasn’t the only one who took notice. Amir coproduced one of the tracks on Drake’s latest album and has most likely signed to OVO considering his latest releases. While I’m not the biggest fan of his new “OVO” sound, I’m certain that Amir Obe’s debut album will be one to look out for.

And there you have it! What do you think? Let me know.




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