Album Review Wrap Up

Albums, albums everywhere! So today I thought I’d share some quick thoughts on some new releases…

Mac Miller – GO:OD AM

Mac Miller has grown a lot since he blew up with his hits back in 2010. He still got some work to do though. Lyrically this is a much better project than his last album, but the psychedelic tendencies in “Watching Movies With The Sound Off” appealed more to me than the sound on this LP. Still, this kid has a promising future ahead of him (people forget he’s only 23) and I’m looking forward to more Mac Miller projects.

Fav track: Break the Law

Score: 6/10

Disclosure – Caracal

Really not anything new on this album, very dissapointing. With the exception of maybe 1 or 2 tracks, its the same outdated Disclosure sound over and over again. The sound is by no means bad, but we’ve already heard it before! And what’s up with all the collabs? Oh I get it, Disclosure turned into gold diggers. This is album is a mostly just a waste of time and produced with the sole intention of maximizing commercial success.

Fav track: Super Ego

Score: 5/10

Drake x Future – What Time To Be Alive

I dont have too much of an opinion on the Drake x Future mixtape, other than it was enjoyable. Drake is pretty much on top of his game nowadays and I’m looking forward to “Views From The 6”. Not too familiar with Future but his rapping style reminds me of Young Thug. Supposedly this project was recorded in just a few days. If that’s the case, It’s a pretty impressive feat.

Fav track: Scholarships

Score: 6/10

CHVRCHES – Every Open Eye

I remember CHVRCHES from their hit single “The Mother We Share” back in 2013 which I loved. But the reason why I loved that tune wasn’t because of the retro sound with synth keyboards and massive ammounts of reverb. It was simply because of the catchiness of the song. “Every Open Eye” is a nice record – the problem is it doesn’t appeal to me and I’m therefore left indifferent. It doesn’t move me or stir my emotions at all. If you like synth pop you should definitely check this is out, but it’s not for me. Maybe I’m just narrow minded… Sorry CHVRCHES fans.

Fav track: Clearest Blue

Score: 6/10

Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon

The reviews on Lana’s debut album “Born To Die” were mediocre, but I on the other hand loved it. I thought it was a dark and beautiful story of a rather damaged woman and her love for men. It was a refreshing perspective on romance. 3 years later Lana is still using the same formula. I love the timelessness of the instrumentals on Honeymoon. I also love Lana’s dulling and sensual voice. But the stories that Lana try to convey here are simply quite uninspiring. Hopefully they’ll be better on future projects.

Fav track: Salvatore

Score: 6/10

So what did you think of these albums? Leave me a comment.

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