Top Tracks of Last Week

What’s up guys, it’s a new week. Looking back, here are tuk20’s top tracks of the past week.


RJD2 VIBES!!! This group continue their journey through psycedelia, classic sould and hip hop. The result is stunning. Looking forward to their upcoming album “Crush”

kiiara – Intention

Very well produced pop track with quite the trap influence. Kiiara’s vocal chops could have gone either way, but the result fortunately ended up great.

dev09 – You Made Me

Indiana-based 18 year old singer is back with another hot track. “You Made Me” is both funky and floating, plus dev’s voice has so much SWAG

LEISURE – All Over You

One of the hottest acts around right now. LEISURE provides some of the smoothest indie rock / electronica out there. Very fitting band name.

Tom Misch – Rainbow

Tom Misch makes another appearance in this section of the blog! Rainbow is a bouncy and playful tune that makes me close my eyes and smile.

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