tuk20’s Record Reviews

Aaand we’re back! It’s time for another round of reviews.
I got some comments last time that my reviews were maybe a bit harsh? This time around my grades are higher, but that’s just because I liked these projects better…

Bob Moses – Days Gone By

The Vancouver duo offers you a smooth carpet ride within a world of new thinking deep house. Bob Moses delivers a very solid and cohesive album that experiments with some cool new elements. Their catchy vocals and live instruments really bring the sound alive and it’s a refreshing take on the genre. Unfortunately there are no stand out tracks and the one hour long album might seem a bit repetetive at times. All things considered, this is still a well produced project.

Fav track: Tearing Me Up

Score: 7/10

Kill The Noise – Occult Classic

This album hits you HARD. IN DA FACE. YEAH!!! Haha, love it. Kill The Noise pulls together a decent collection of songs which fuses together some of the heavier and grittier genres in EDM such as dubstep, drumstep and electro. The two opening tracks are pretty good, but after that the quality varies greatly. Overall a decent set of songs.

Fav track: FUK UR MGMT

Score: 6/10

KASBO – Umbrella Club EP

The 17 year old kid from Gottenburg has been given a enormous amounts of hype recently. I personally don’t understand what all the hype is about. Kasbo tries with this EP to fill the niche of abstract and artsy future bass music. Some places it almost seems like he’s trying to copy artists such as Cashmere Cat and Odesza. In my opinion, the EP ends up coming across as rather unorginal and I don’t feel Kasbo managed to set his mark on the genre at all.

Fav track: There’s Something About U

Score: 5/10

The Game – The Documentary 2

The Documentary 2 brings you back to the West Coast hip hop 2000’s with a modern day twist. The sound reminds me a lot of the new “Compton” album, which makes sense since Dr. Dre produced them both. This could have been a great album had it not been for some of the lackluster songs in the middle of the record. Some of the features actually end up ruining the songs.The Game however mostly stays true to himself, and when he does the album works. I’m looking forward to the next disc which should be dropping in a couple of weeks.

Fav track: The Doumentary 2

Score: 7/10

Windhand – Grief’s Internal Flower

I don’t listen to this genre very often, but I ended up loving this album. The grimy guitars mixed with the epic, but delightful vocals left me with a very satisfying metal experience. The two accustic performances on here are also just beautiful. My two only complaints are the lack of faster paced songs and some uneccassary long cuts (like on the opening track). Overall, Windhand delivers a great metal record.

Fav track: Crypt Key

Score: 8/10

So what did you think of these records? Leave me a comment.

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