Top Tracks of Last Week

Hey guys, BIG week coming up with loads of good music! here are tuk20’s top tracks of the past week.

Chrome Sparks – Moonraker (HOTTEST TRACK OF LAST WEEK)

I’ve never actually been a huge fan of Chrome Sparks, but if he continues to put out tracks like this little progressive gem, that will soon change. HUGE TRACK. I’m getting Pryda vibes from this one, mixed with a little Hayden James…Mmmmm

sosi – like this

Beautiful electronica track from sosi. Chill, jazzy and trendy, all at the same time.

Mr. Carmack – Blowing Money Fast (Ft. Cypress Hill)

Mr Carmack has been touted as one of the rising stars within the world of future bass, here you can see why. The legendary Cypress Hill complements the song perfectly to its gritty sound and I love it. EP coming out in one week.

Mizan – 7 Billion

Timeless track from Mizan. A grand piano, that beautiful voice and some kickass lyrics. That’s all you need really.

Ta-ku – American Girl (Ft. Wafia)

Didn’t know what to except when I saw Ta-ku had released a remake of Estelle and Kanye’s “American Boy”, but the result ended up sursprisingly well! Ta-ku vocal performance is very impressive and he also managed to make the sound grand, melodic and emotional. Good Work Ta-ku!

kaya – SHIVER

Beautiful and kinda weird song from the mystical kaya. Her voice is both amazing and creepy at the same time.

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