Top Tracks of Last Week

What’s up people! Lot of BIG artists released new music last week. Here are tuk20’s top tracks of the past week.


Adele is back!!! Been a long time coming and that voice is just to die for. The chorus on this single could have been more epic and doesn’t really do Adele’s voice any justice, but overall this is a GREAT song.

TALA & Banks – Wolfpack

This duo is a match made in heaven. This track highlights TALA’s new EP with its mysteriously exotic, grimy and sensual vibe. Do yourself a favor and check out the EP.

Justin Bieber – Sorry

I’ve seriously had this song stuck in my head all day. And I’m still not sick of it! Bieber delivers (with the help of Skrillex) yet another emotional tropical banger much like “Where Are U Now”. I’ve actually this before – Bieber is much better as an EDM vocalist.

Baauer – GoGo!

Baauer ist back with new material and it is some good shit. This reminds of the legendary TNGHT project and I’m looking forward to more tracks from Baauer.

ZHU x Skrillex x THEY – Working For It

Skrillex has seriously worked with everyone lately. The Game, Bieber and now Zhu. What. A. Tune. THEY are pretty hot right now as well with their spanking new EP. And for you, ZHU – Just release the god damn “Genesis Series” already!! I can’t wait anymore…

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