Album Review: The Game – The Documentary 2.5

First single review! Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of his debut album, Game released the first disc of “The Documentary 2” not long ago (check out my review here). One week later the second disc arrived, loaded with content. I’ve thourougly listened to the record and here are my thoughts:

It took me a couple of listens before I liked this one. There are very few bangers and commercial tracks on “The Documentary 2.5”, but what it is instead is a detailed and well told story of gang violence. The concept and theme of this album is so cohesive for being the Game it’s almost freaky. One of the things I’ve always respected him for is that he never changed his artistic style after becoming rich and famous. He’s always been about “that gangsta shit” and always remembered where he came from. But never has he given such an in depth prespective of the harsh life in Compton.

There are however some low points in the middle of this record just like the first disc. And other than “El Chapo” I miss bangers! I can only imagine how great a disc of only the best songs from both discs would have been. One can only say what if… Either way – I must applaud Game for putting out this amount of content and still pulling it off. tuktuk approves!

Fav track: Crenshaw/80s And Cocaine

Score: 7/10

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