Album Review: Raury – All We Need

Hey guys, new review right here. I was very much considering skipping this review, but Raury’s newest project is of such an eclectic nature that I felt it deserved being mentioned on Here are my thoughts on Raury’s debut album “All We Need”:

Raury is a very young and interesting artist from Atlanta who’s become known for his fusion of hip hop and indie music. “All We Need” offers something that’s very hard to describe – It’s like this acoustic hip hop genre. Raury combines folk rock and rap music, sometimes mixed with a little bit of soul and electronic elements. It creates a very interesting sound, but that’s pretty much everything this project has to offer. Raury’s lyrics are spoken like a true hippie. The themes of the album consist of things such as life, love and peace. Raury speaks of epic things, but it’s hard to take him very seriously. Especially when the ridiculous radio talk show interlude pops up… The album is at it’s best when Raury doesn’t try too hard and he just rides the wave of his interesting indie instrumentals.

Kudos to Raury putting together an interesting sound with his first full length album. Unfortunately the content could have been a lot better. I however encourage Raury to continue working and improving as an artist. This kid is only 19 and has a lot of potential.

Fav track: Peace Prevail

Score: 6/10

What did you think of this record? Leave me a comment.

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