Follow Me On Soundcloud!


What’s up my lovely readers,

When I started “” about 2 months ago my goal was to create a music blog that filtered out the noise and only provided the songs and artists that I really believed was worth to keep an eye on.
The barriers for becoming an artist today have never been lower and the amount of content released have as a result never been greater. I listen to hundreds of new tracks every week – and it’s mostly crap. This weekend I realised that posting weekly updates from every genre on here is not only very time consuming for me, but also not very practical for you guys.

The solution is however very simple: FOLLOW ME ON SOUNDCLOUD! I have now made playlists that will cover each and every genre, just like the posts “Real Rap Refill” or “Dark. Room. Grooves.”. The only thing you have to do is:

1. Click here 2. Follow me and 3. Check your stream and my playlists for new updates and cool tracks. Piece of cake!

I will still post reviews, top tracks and youtube videos on here. And I also promise brand new cool content! Maybe even a podcast? Stay tuned for more…



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