Top Tracks of Last Week

New week, moar music. Here are tuk20’s top tracks of the past week.

The Citrus Clouds – Wildflowers (HOTTEST TRACK OF LAST WEEK)

An exotic, tropical and beautiful piece of future bass music. I don’t know anything about The Citrus Clouds, but hopefully they’ll make more music like this.

MUTEMATH – Joy Rides

MUTEMATH are pulling some heat for their soon-to-be released album “VITALS” by dropping this catchy pop single to groove to. Is disco back? I’m just sayin

Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime

Coldplay is back! A bit different from them and I feel like putting this song in the same basket as the track above, namely “Joy Rides”. Another groovy pop song with a rock influence. I ain’t complaining.

Goldlink – New Black

With the two geniuses Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei co-producing this track, Goldlink had to do a lot to fuck this up. Luckily he rather takes his songwriting up a level which results in a great hip hop track. His album dropped a few days back, I’ll get on that ASAP.

NoMBe – Kemosabe

Glorious electronic soul track from NoMBe, LOVE the lyrics! I’m gettin HONNE vibes from this one, good stuff.

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