Album Review: The Neighbourhood – Wiped Out!

Photo by Gabriel Olsen

Photo by Gabriel Olsen

The Neighbourhood released a forward-thinking indie rock album with quite the bad attitude. Here are my thoughts on “Wiped Out!”:

The Neighbourhood are a young indie rock band from California who got some hype back in 2013 with their debut LP “I Love You”. This is their sophomore effort and they pretty much pick up where they left. You could almost call The Neighbourhood a indie rock boyband. The lyrics on this project have the emotional maturity of a moody teenage girl and the instrumentation is both shiny and radio friendly. The songwriting on the album don’t really have any form of substance at all and tracks like “Cry Baby” and “Daddy Issues” are pretty cringeworthy. This is why it’s so weird for me say that I still end up liking this album.

There’s something about catchiness that always gets me when I’m finding new music. The Neighbourhood manages on this album to successfully fuse pop, rock and hip hop together, and it results in some awesome tunes like “R.I.P. To My Youth” and “Greetings From California”. I think I have a guilty pleasure for cool, eclectic instrumentals paired with below average lyrics, and The Neighbourhood fall under this category. A lot of critics will probably end up slaughtering “Wiped Out”, but I applaud the experimentation of music genres. If these boys can grow as songwriters, sky’s the limit.

Fav track: R.I.P. To My Youth

Score: 7/10

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  1. Nothing’s wrong with music that’s plain and catchy. “Sweater Weather” is a pretty banging song. Writing a catchy hook takes effort. I’m curious about the Hip-Hop influence. I have this album and should give it a listen soon.


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