Top Tracks of Last Week

What’s good people! I tell you what’s good – I updated the playlists on my soundcloud, so go check it out. It’s also a brand new week so here are tuk20’s top tracks of the past week:


The main vocalist in the new exciting Hip Hop group BROCKHAMPTON released his debut single last week, and it’s FIRE. Am I getting some young Justin Timberlake vibes? I think I am. One can only really wonder what new material the BROCKHAMPTON crew will release next, exciting times ahead.

Throttle x Earth, Wind & Fire – September

The first ever official remix of the iconic song “September” and MAN it’s a worthy mix! Throttle is creating his own genre called “Dirty Disco” and it’s funky as helll. Like I said last week: Is disco back? I’m just sayin…

SoulChef – Sky High (ft. Chima Anya)

You can always count on SoulChef producing some kick ass beats. Those cheeky flutes are just awesome. Chima Anya on the mic complements the track well.


These guys haven’t released new material in over a year now! “LACE” is a sultry and mysterious track that just pulls you into it’s chasm. Chills…

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