Album Review: Grimes – Art Angels

Here we go again, another review! I’m pretty weirded out, but still highly fascinated by this one. Here are my thoughts on the highly anticipated “Art Angels” from Grimes:

Grimes rose to fame in 2012 with the lo-fi alternative pop album “Visions” and people have been waiting for the follow-up ever since. It’s finally here, and Grimes has taken her music in a new direction. The sound of this album doesn’t even belong in western music stratosphere. If I had to describe the project it sounds like korean alternative pop with english lyrics and a country music twist. Seriously. That’s my description. And I know it’s sounds like terrible music but it’s far from it.

For the most part it’s very upbeat and digestable for the mass crowds, but it’s so much different from anything that is played on a commercial basis. I can only come up with one song I didn’t really care for (that “SCREAM” track just got too weird with the asian rapping) and the album takes a pretty cool r&b/dance turn towards the end of the tracklisting.  It’s just overall a great alternative pop record. With that said, I’m not totally in love with the album, but rather truly fascinated.

Fav track: World Princess part II

Score: 8/10

What did you think of this record? Leave me a comment.

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