Best of Youtube – New Music Videos

A mix of dark and emotional, here’s some new eclectic music recently uploaded on Youtube…
Tinashe – Party Favors
Love this trippy and dark single from hotstuff Tinashe, not expecting too much from her upcoming album though (that Chris Brown collab was just awful).

New Pharaohs – This Changes Everything
Posted this track a while back, lovely indie track from the fresh band “New Pharaohs” from London. Maya Marie’s vocals are awesome.

Ameer Vann – Love
WHAT DID I TELL YOU? These Brockhampton dudes are just KILLING it atm! Ameer Vann is another rapper from the group and this short cut is just brutal, grotesque and dark. LOVE IT.

KYTES – On The Run
Found these guys not long ago, groovy indie rock with some nice synths in the mix. Nice stuff!

Night Lovell – Fraud
Night Lovell’s voice reminds of Wiz Khalifa’s but this shit is just so much hotter. Dope haters anthem.

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