Album Review: Crywolf – Cataclasm

Tuktuk is back with another review! As always I focus on the eclectic, and I happened to stumble over the new Crywolf album, “Cataclasm”. Here are my thoughts on this intricate electronic experience:

Crywolf is a multitalented artist from California that makes very chill and soothing electronic music. For “Cataclasm” he decided he wanted to move to a remote cabin in Iceland while doing his recordings. The reason was he felt his surroundings affected his music so strongly that he wanted to experiment with it. His choice landed on Iceland and it turned out pretty great for his album…

The opening track is simply gorgeous. It feels like you’re overlooking the never ending ocean with birds circling over you as the lovely instrumentation comes in, one after the other. It’s just an epic sound with massive amounts of reverb on both vocals and instruments. It then flows seamlessly into the next track that introduces some very cool natural sounding drumloops which are giving me strong Odesza vibes.

One thing that Crywolf manages do well on this project is to create an electronic album that is worth listening to from start to finish. For the most part “Cataclasm” is just a fantastic listening experience with a certain wilderness to it. Crywolf is passionate and vulnerable in his singing, but at the same time balances this out by putting more energy and punch behind some of the instrumentals on his tracks.

There’s a lot of epic drum samples and beautiful live instrumentation that works very well in the mix, creating a very alive sound. But as the album arrives at its latter stages, I feel some of the songs become a bit lackluster and just mellow in a not so interesting way. I also feel the lyrics are at times a bit too sappy and emotional for my taste. “Cataclasm” is however an overall beautiful and dynamic album, and a perfect sunday afternoon listen when you feel like doing some introspection. Check it out below:

Fav track: The Queen of Fiji

Score: 8/10

What did you think of this record? Leave me a comment.

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