Sam Gellaitry – Escapism EP

The scottish wonderkid Sam Gellaitry does a lot of different things on his debut EP out on XL recordings.

Sam pieces together a very eclectic future bass EP in Escapism. He uses a lot of different sounds, synths and influences. Not a a big fan of the “Hyena” track, but “Dreamscapes” however delivers a lovely xylophone intro which then transitions to some nice strings and a hypnotic guitar synth while the beat kicks in. Really cool stuff. “Long Distance” wins out as the best track with a really catchy african tribal hook and an immense beat. I also love the intro and outro on this EP, I just really appreciate it when artists put in the extra effort to make a cohesive project. A Lot a great stuff here from Sam and definitely worth a listen! Check out the EP below:

Hotness Scale: ★★✫ (Blazin’)

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