Top Tracks of Last Week

The best songs from last week just screams eclectic music. You guys are in for a treat today! Here are tuk20’s top tracks of the past week:


Experimental electronic music at its best. “Comfort” is a travel through a dark and empty space odyssey. The Melbourne artist makes an amazing gloomy instrumental and I love the haunting vocals! #givememore

Frank Leone – Supertramp USA 

The first half of this track is punk rock, with some raw vocals that sounds like a mix between Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix. The second half is just a weird and trippy rap song with tons of swagger. It doesn’t get more eclectic than Frank Leone.

Jarreau Vandal x Brasstracks x Niya Wells – Nobody Else

This is our first taste of Jarreau Vandal’s new EP, and man does it taste good. Just a beautiful beat with a little bit of r&b, pop and electronic mixed together. Also really good vocals from Niya Wells.

The Him – Feels Like Home

“Cloud house” is becoming a new prominent genre in the EDM universe and like this song, its scary catchy. I bet I will have the drop stuck in my head for quite some time this holiday.

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