Best Of Youtube – New Music Videos

All about those up’n’comers today, so don’t feel too bad if you haven’t heard about these guys. Here’s a few cool new music videos recently uploaded on Youtube:

Pegboard Nerds – Emoji
Hilarious little music video of a guy with an emoji head. I feel this is one of the better tracks the scandinavian duo has released recently. “Emoji” is both fresh and fun. #happyheadbanging

Little Simz – Gratitude
A introspective and deep track from the rising british rapper Little Simz. The music video contains some powerful visuals from a trip she took to Cape Town a while back and the video as a whole is a great reminder of how lucky a lot of us are compared to others. Keep preachin, Little Simz.

Rejjie Snow – Blakkst Skn
Don’t know a whole lot about Rejjie Snow, but this track is a funky hiphop//pop banger sending some serious Mark Ronson vibez down my spine. I can dig that!

Prince Innocence – Manic
One of the best electronic indie songs from 2015 has finally gotten a music video! Just really soothing and chill music from Prince Innocence.

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