Top Tracks of Last Week

Lotta great songs last week, so many I couldn’t even fit all of them in this post! Big up to the indie tracks released… Here are tuk20’s top tracks of the past week:

Stephen – Crossfire (HOTTEST TRACK OF LAST WEEK)

One of the most blogged tracks of last week and it’s very well deserved. Stephen’s experimental, and rock influenced electronic music has been a little hit and miss since the start of the project, but “Crossfire” is a definite hit. The combination of the vocal FX and that guitar riff on the drop is a killer!

Matt Corby – Sooth Lady Wine 

Really soulful and jazzy blues rock track from Matt Corby, most known for the amazing song “Brother”. “Sooth Lady Wine” is however a completely different beast and I absolutely love the soothing vibe to this track. Mmmm…

disfnk. x ayo. – Perfecto

AMAZING future bass remake of Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”. MUST HEAR


JOYRYDE reminisces about his British background and produces some stunning UK Garage music. This track makes me wanna hit the dancefloor SO. HARD. #AAAAAMUSTRAVE

To discover the top tracks from last week before they are posted on, go follow my soundcloud. I repost all of my top tracks there.

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