Album Review: Archy Marshall – A New Place 2 Drown

Archy Marshall, also known as King Krule, returns with a hip hop record together with his older brother Jack. Is it a hit or a drowning disaster? Here are my thoughts on the album “A New Place To Drown”:

I didn’t come in to this project having any previous expectations of Archy as I’m not very familiar with his work as King Krule. The critics I’ve read have been very polarizing. People either love it, or think it’s utterly boring. I think I land somewhere in between.

I really love the dark and mellow atmosphere the hip hop instrumentals create. I find them both soothing and cool and I feel the two brothers have done a tremendous job with the production. Archy’s voice is gloomy and hollow, and it all fits very well together. Archy very casually drops a few lines and verses here and there, but the sound and vibe is in focus, not King Krule as an artist. I think this is actually one of the reasons he decided to put out this album under another name so it wouldn’t be put in the same box as King Krule. I feel people don’t realize this and then get dissapointed when the album lacks lyrical material.

The album does however become pretty dull after a while. The runtime is barely 40 minutes, but I feel the project would have been better as a 20 minute EP. “A New Place 2 Drown” is to my ears a cool and gloomy piece of musical art that works well as background music (and I don’t have problem with that at all). It’s just a bit too dull to earn a higher grade. Listen to the album below:

Fav track: Swell

Score: 6/10

What did you think of this record? Leave me a comment.

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