Album Review: Baroness – Purple

What’s up guys, this will be my last review of 2015! We end things on a high note with the metal band Baroness. Here are my thoughts on their new album, “Purple”:

Like I’ve said before, I don’t review the metal genre very often. But when I do, it’s usually something I really enjoy. “Purple” is no exception. The album opens with some lovely, electric guitars and drums which then quickly transitions into some fast paced, awesome sludge metal. The two opening tracks are amazing. So amazing in fact, it’s hard for the rest of the album to continue in such fashion.

The midsection with the track “Fugue” is a nice change of pace, but after that the songs don’t really add anything new from what we’ve already heard earlier. The mixing on the album is also not the greatest and sounds very cluttered at times. Luckily the album finishes strong with the surprisingly heartfelt song “If I Have To Wake Up”.

Overall this record feels more like a hard rock album rather than metal because it’s so approachable. I’m getting Metallica vibes, (especially on the vocals) it reminds me a bit of their last album “Death Magnetic” in some ways. “Purple” is however the superior record and I would definitely give this a listen if you are a rock/metal fan, or just a fan of great music in general. Listen to the album below:

Fav track: Morning Star

Score: 7/10

What did you think of this record? Leave me a comment.

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