Album Review: Hinds – Leave Me Alone

The adorable girls from Spain are out with their long awaited debut album. Did the band’s lo-fi sound rock my socks off? Here are my thoughts on the Hinds album, “Leave Me Alone”:

Hinds is a indie garage rock band from Madrid which has after only a few years formed a massive and worldwide fanbase. They are known for their lo-fi garage rock sound which is highly unusual these days.

“Leave Me Alone” is funny, charming and careless. The lyrics on this album are very straight forward and the feelings they’re trying to express consists for the most part of rocky relationships, partying and straight up rock n roll. I want to like this album, but sadly it’s just really hard at times to appreciate the music because of the lack of sonic quality. I mean I love lo-fi music, but the vocals and the guitars on this LP leaves much to be desired. This could either be because the band couldn’t really give a fuck and wanted the project to be as raw, fun and carefree as possible – or, because the girls are as musicians simply not that skilled yet. It could also be a combination of both.

The amount of hype and the size of the Hinds fanbase can’t really be reflected in the quality of music that they make. I believe it has much more to do with the uncommon niche genre Hinds plays in, the charm of the music and ultimately the cuteness of these adorable spanish girls. “Leave Me Alone” is at the end of the day a charming and refreshing album, but not more than decent music wise.

Fav track: Easy

Score: 5/10

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