5 Artists to Watch Out For in 2016

The first month of 2016 is about to end, but there’s still 11 months left for new artists to emerge and break through this year. Who’s it gonna be?? Here are five artists I believe will take it to the next level:

Sonny Alven
Sonny is a talented norwegian house producer with a diverse and unique sound that ranges from deep to tropical. This guy started to dominate the Scandinavian spotify charts the second half of last year with his original songs and I believe he is finally ready to go for global domination. Watch out for his upcoming singles this year!

English wonderkid Sunil Heera made some delicious and eclectic electronic funk pop//r&b last year that got WAY too little attention. Not only can this kid make enchanting and funky beats, but he’s also a very talented singer. I expect XO to garner massive attention this year.

This duo from Sydney released on of my absolute favorite tracks of last year named “Home”. It was a wonderfully chill and catchy indie pop tune that I believe only scratched the surface of what is about to come. Their EP is supposedly coming early this year and I am totally PSYCHED!

I’ve been raving about these guys ever since I started my blog and I really believe they are about to be the new hip hop super collective. Kevin Abstract, Rodney Tenor, Ameer Vann and the list goes on. Brockhampton simply consists of too many talented artists to fail. They’re gonna make it, one way or the other.

This last one is more of shot in the dark, but I’m optimistic and totally rooting for the swagalicious Dev09. I’m just basing my prediction on the dope r&b hit “You Made Me” and If that track is any valid indication of what’s to come, I predict some awesome music in 2016.

Let me know what you think of think of these guys. Who do YOU believe is going to be the breakthrough artist this year?

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