Mt. Si – Limits EP

The collaborative project Mt. Si decided to release a wonderful collection of electronic songs called the “Limits” EP.

To quote the description on soundcloud (sorry guys, it’s late and I’m feelin lazy): “Mt. Si is a collaborative project among three friends in LA – Sarah Chernoff of Superhumanoids, Jesse Kivel of Kisses, and Classixx’s Michael David”. In other words, this super trio from LA decided to put out an EP with their best work from their four years of jamming together.

It has resulted in some lovely electronic indie pop. Sarah Chernoff voice is nice and dreamy as always, while Jesse and Michael’s production consists mostly of some smooth and mellow synths. The sound definitely has a Classixx vibez to it, but it’s more relaxed. And I can dig dat. I’m sure you can too. Go check out the EP below:

Hotness Scale: ★★✫ (Blazin)

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