Album Review: Chairlift – Moth

Synth pop duo Chairlift delivers one of the better pop records so far this year. Here are my thoughts on “Moth”:

Chairlift is an electronic alternative pop duo with the magnificent, artistic voice of Caroline Polycheck and Patrick Wimberly on the production. They have been doing their thing for ten years now, and this is their third album.

What can I say about this album? I mean it’s not bad at all. Apart from the forgetful intro the first half of the record is actually great, consisting of pop tunes full of catchy hooks and quirky, but cool production. Sadly I don’t care that much for the other half…

The sound on the album is playfully weird. The atmosphere created is a light an intriguing mix of live intstrumentation and electronic elements. The live instrumentation creates the groove, while the electronic stuff brings the weirdness. It builds a nice platform for Caroline’s voice to flourish and express her romantic lyrics. There is also some very cool experimenting with autotune on some of the tracks, but it’s only used to create a more robotic an electronic atmosphere when applied.

Moth manages to pull off some very cool pop anthems such as “Ch-Ching” and “Moth To the Flame”, but other than “Crying In Public” there is a lack of quality ballads and chiller tracks on the project. In it’s full length it does also get a bit bland… There are however highlights mentioned above worth checking out. Listen to the album below:

Fav track: Crying In Public

Score: 6/10

What did you think of this record? Leave me a comment.

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