Album Review: Jack Garratt – Phase

Alright, tuktuk gives a much delayed review of an album there’s been a lot of hype around for quite some time. Here are my thoughts on Jack Garratt’s eclectic new album, “Phase”:

Jack Garratt has been touted as Britain’s big “IT” artist for 2016, and “Phase” was supposed to be Jack’s big coming out party. This thing has seen so much hype, so much in fact that it’s been sadly overhyped. I can however not stress this is enough, Jack is an immensely talented artist. His live performances are just mindblowing.

His live performances sadly don’t translate over to the studio as easily as hoped. The rawness and visceral but yet sensitive vibe created in the flesh are just not there, which is such a shame. It shows that the live thing and studio thing are just two seperate sides of being an artist and you have to work on both of them.

“Phase”starts out very strong with a nice intro track and continues with maybe the project’s best song, “Breathe Life”. Jack has a very eclectic sound actually, using a lot of different live intsruments as well as electronic synths and basslines (one of the reasons I decided to review this album). Jack Garratt is a great multi-instrumentalist, but the horrible truth is that his sound is just not that exciting. His music ends up being some kind of generic mix of indie, folk, pop and electronica. With the exception of a couple of tracks, this is just a straight up boring record. Check out the album below:

Fav track: Breathe Life

Score: 5/10

What did you think of this record? Leave me a comment.

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