Kiiara – low kii savage EP

Kiiara’s new EP “low kii savage” is a prime example of what pop music should sound like today.

Kiiara is THE rising rnb/pop star at the moment for me. This 20 year old girl from Illinois took the internet by storm with her debut single “Gold”. What’s even better is that her whole new EP is just as good. Maybe even better.

Kiiara’s lyrics has a certain old school weeknd feel to it. I know it’s nothing really new about that, but it still works (like gold). Her sound is however a really unique and catchy mix of modern pop and rnb. Cloudy, yet shiny (I would actually term this new trending genre as cloud pop). I’m certain this chick has a sick future ahead of her and that pop music will sound like this project very soon. Listen to her awesome 6 track EP below:

Hotness Scale: ★★★ (FIRE)

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