Artist Spotlight – BLESSED

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but this eclectic act from Australia is definitely worth it. Today I’m talking about BLESSED.

The band, led by frontman /vocalist Samuel Joe-Andah is technically an indie rock band, but in their own eclectic and extremely catchy way. In many ways they remind me of The Neighbourhood with their etremely clean and crisp sound, but the vibe is less emotional and more swaggy. Their first single is just straight up indie rock fire, while their follow up “Sorrows” is just a great moody track with some fantastic tribal percussion even Kanye would have been proud of. These guys got range.

The band have told me through mail that their EP is coming out soon and they have some visuals coming up for their next single. Exptect to hear a lot from these guys later this year. Check out their latest track below:

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