Tuk20 Review: Roskilde 2016

13621336_10157185280555341_1879026762_o.jpgAfter all the craziness which is Roskilde, it is time look back at some of the highlights from this epic festival:

Top 5 concerts:

1 – Tame Impala
This shit blew my mind. Absoulutely magical concert that just sent me into an euphoric state. These guys sound simply fantastic live and the light show transcended the performance as a whole to another level. #Elitestuff


2 – Anderson .Paak
My boy killed it once again on stage, since the last time I saw him he has definitely gained more confidence and swagger. Not surprising considering he has signed with Dr. Dre and played at Coachella with Kendrick since then. Still so awesome when he picks up those drumsticks and just jams the fuck out!

3 – Schoolboy Q
Third time I’ve seen this gangsta right here. He ALWAYS delivers. Crowd was absolutely bonkers at this show. Really looking forward to Blank Face now!


4 – Grimes
There are few things that are more fascinating than the artist Grimes. Some of her performances would go from cotton candy pop singing to screaming and growling in a matter of seconds, and it was terrifyingly awesome to watch. Vocally she left a little bit to be desired on a couple of songs, but on the other hand she played all her music live which is super impressive. Thumbs up for the quirky and freaky canadian.


5 – Skepta
The King of Grime killed it at one of the outdoor stages. The whole crowd was one big moshpit and it was completely madness. The huuge drawback about this show was it was way too short, only 45 minutes! Otherwise, Skepta shut that shit down. #HardcoreGrime

Other Highlights:

The free-spirited norwegian delivered one magnificent performance.

Skepta’s prodigy was on point with his awesome dark bars, but he still got a thing or two to learn from the master.


These guys fulfilled on of their biggest milestones when playing at Roskilde this year and MAN what a show they delivered! Few indie pop/rock acts I know of that are better live than this band and their super charming music. Go check out their latest album KMF.

Perfect closing show at Roskilde. The high energy drum and bass resulted in an epic finale on an even more epic festival. At this very moment I realized how great their album “Welcome Reality” is. I can’t believe it’s been five years since they released it!


Awesome acts worth checking out:

Unknown hip hop group Reykavikurdætur consists of 15-20 swaggy girls from Iceland rapping in icelandic. And it sounds fucking awesome. Go check em out!

Ivan Ave
Ivan is considered one of Norway’s best rappers, but his music sounds like something from the sunny streets of Cali. Mixing jazz, electronica and old school hip hop, his music is super dope and chill, perfect for a sunset evening on a rooftop. Seriously, you check out Ave’s smooth beats and flow.

Biggest Dissapointment:

Mura Masa
Really lackluster performance by Mura Masa, I had much higher hopes for this show. Overall the vibe he created was just very lifeless and boring. Left before the set ended. Sorry bro, still dig your music though.

Biggest Regret:

Why oh why did Red Hot Chili Peppers have to play at the same time??? WHYYYYYYYY…

Anyways, I had an awesome 7 days in this magical wonderland. Although the line-up could have used another big headliner, overall Roskilde 2016 was a great festival. Were you there? Hit me up lemme know how your experience was! Oh, and like my facebook page for my latest updates. Also go check out my soundcloud for the best new music.





  1. Glad to read about what makes people appreciate Grimes, hahaha! Odesza was awesome. Let’s say I enjoyed it on your behalf. 🙂


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