Since I’ve been gone…

There’s been released a lot of new music. Here are some eclectic highlights that have been uploaded since my absence (top tracks for last week are still comin):

Billie Eilish – Six Feet Under
Billie, you just touched all of my feels. Let me have your children. #kiddingnotkidding

Terror Jr – Loser
Kiiara vibez on this bitch. Not surspring since the people from this project is also behind Kiiara. Still so awesome!

Adam Dollar$ – Can We Go
Chill hip hop from tuk20 favorite Adam Dollar$. Stil keepin it so real from Baton Rouge.

Litche – Look Up
Class debut single from english Litche. Awesome mix of Odesza and Crywolf.

FKJ x June Marieey – Amsterdam
FKJ and June made this amazing song on the fly in the Amsterdam Red Bull Studios. The live video is a must watch.

William Bolton – Reach For The Sky
Great pop tune from the emerging talent William Bolton. #Rockthatguitarsolo

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