Best of Youtube – New Music Videos

Oh my goodness. Oh my god. Today we got a double dose of awesome new music videos recently uploaded on Youtubaah:

Savant x DMX x Snoop Dogg – Get It
Who the fuck woud’ve exptected this collab?? Not only is it superweird and crazy, it’s also awesome. This is my jam going out tonite!

FKJ x June Marieezy – Amsterdam
This is the awesome jam session with FKJ and Marieezy I’ve mentioned earlier. FKJ is the definition of a contemporary musical genius.

Really funny and catchy song which I can totally relate to (you girls and yo gaims). Also awesome video that complements the song perfectly.

Partynextdoor – Come And See Me
Visuals from Party’s first decent single in a very long time. Let’s hop PND3 is more like the first project rather than the follow up!

Cruel Youth – Mr. Watson
I just love this song. I love this song so much and I believe Cruel Youth are gonna far. Very far.

GTA x Wax Motif – Get It All
First single from GTA’s new album and it’s collab with the immensely talented Wax Motif (behind the monster track “Krush Groove”). Don’t really get the music video (or maybe I’m just dumb), but awesome future house track nonetheless.

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Also go check out my soundcloud for the best new music.



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