ZHU finally released a project that he can call and album! Yey. Check out the debut album GENERATIONWHY below:

After the Genesis Series which everyone thought was going to be an album but only turned out be some kind of a PR-stunt type EP, I felt like most of the air in the ZHU hype balloon went out. He has quietly released a few singles after that, but with a lot less surrounding buzz. I am a big ZHU fan, but overall I felt the quality of the Genesis Series was pretty average.

Lo and behold, ZHU has now released his debut album with a slight turn in direction. GENERATIONWHY is more chill and soothing take on the distinct sound the LA artist has created. It’s very easy and nice to listen to, but it can also become a bit stale in it’s 1 hour runtime. Luckily there are some simply stunning tracks in the tracklisting, such as “Palm of My Hand” and “Good Life”. A good debut album, but I kinda expected something more from ZHU. Check out the album below:

Hotness Scale: ★✫✫ (Hot)

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