Sinve I’ve Been Gone…

The internet, parties and just generally life itself has gotten in the way lately. I’ve been pretending I’m the Frank Ocean of music blogs. But today I got 8 bangers for you. 8 TRACKS!!! Here are your eclectic highlights since my  15 day absence:

Isaiah Rashad – I Mean
I mean, BANGER. Gorgeous instrumental, dope bars. Checking out Isaiah Rashad’  new album real quick.

Machinedrum x Dawn- Do It 4 You
Hypnotic, sexy arpeggios comin at you at lightning speed. Smooth, spacy and sensual electronic hit from Machinedrum

Zanski – Feel Allright
Have you been missing Jai Paul? Have you been missing Ben Khan? Well, Zanski got what you been looking for. And those reverb guitars are just to die for.

James Blake x Vince Staples – Timeless
James Blake is simply an amazing producer and overall artist. I mean, I wasn’t a huge fan of his latest album, too melancholic and metallic for my liking. But it was still  interesting. And this collab with Vince Staples, is just oozes that interesting direction James Blake is going in right now. Eclectic to the max, and it surprisingly works.

Magic City Hippies- Heart Wants
I feel like flyying through a dream filled  with cotton candy and beautful girls smiling at me. Hazy, dreamy, catchy and cheeky in all the right places. What a tune. #IndieFunkYES

Happy Doghouse – Don’t Feed Me Grapes
Probably the most shrill sound I’ve heard in a while – Absoulute zero compression, and massive amounts of distortion – But still so intriguing. Dope and eclectic indie rock tune from Happy Doghouse.

Anderson .Paak – XXL Freestyle (Louis Futon Bootleg)
Amazing bootleg from .Paak’s XXL freestyle. The funk is turned up to the max on this one.

So Below – Drift (Taste Nasa Remix)
I must say Goth Pop sounds a lot more cheerful than I expected. No matter how you put it, those remixers from Auckland are just flat out amazing. Shoutout to HØØPS and the rest of you from New Zealand #FunkyandCathyRemixHereWeGo


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