Top 10 EP’s of 2016 – The tuk20 List

All right, 2016 is coming to an end, and that means it’s time to reflect. Here’s my list of top EP’s from 2016:

10. Charlotte Cardin – Big Boy
God I miss Amy Winehouse, may she rest in peace. We may probably not hear a voice like hers in a long time, but Charlotte here does a brilliant job in capturing the essence of the Winehouse feeling. Love that is unfaithful, unfulfilled or just plain wrong. Quality project.

9. Mall Grab – Sun Ra
Mall Grab released several quality projects this year, but “Sun Ra” has got to be my favorite. Extremely relaxing and soothing house music with some absolutely lovely percussion. That final track “Can’t” is defintely going on my list for top songs this year as well.

8. Anna Straker – Serious
Wrote about this EP just a few weeks ago and I’m still diggin this. Anna manages to create sultry dance tunes, sensual pop ballads and eclectic electronic music all in one EP. Just some amazing, electric brit pop.

7. Sunni Colon – Thierry Disko
The handsome Thierry makes you dance while hittin you right in the feels with this one. It’s like listening to a funky disco-inspired version of Frank Ocean. Very excited to hear more from Sunni Colon.

6. Yellow Days – Harmless Melodies
To me this guy has struck this impossible balance of creating some sort of contemporary blues music which I do not find boring, but rather really enjoyable. I’ve heard similar melancholic artists like him before, but this shit is on another level.  Sky’s the limit for George.

5. Vince Staples – Prima Donna
Vince had some cool cameos this year like on “Smoke and Retribution” for Flume or the amazing collab with James Blake on “Timeless”. However, Prima Donna is still this guy’s best work this year which works as a great follow up to “Summertime ’06”. Vince has this distinct, dark and minimalistic sound which has grown a lot on me over time.

4. Charli XCX – Vroom Vroom
Incredibly fun EP from Charli with such attitude and sass! The eclectic fusion and collab of PC musik and Charli just brings out some incredibly toxic tunes. I really hope this is not the last time Charli tries something like this, because the result is fucking awesome.

3. The Pheels – likeWise
The Pheels ara just this wet dream of psychedelic RnB that I’ve had for years and I think they sound absolutely amazing. I understand that people can be turned off by the grimy sound quality at times, but I just feel sorry for those people. This is the second coming of Outkast and my love for lo-fi music only grows stronger

2. Kiiara – low kii savage
When this EP was released at the start of the year, I said it was the best showing of “poptrap” genre I’ve ever heard. I still stand by that statement. “low kii savage” is probably the best sounding EP on this whole list. Kiiara deserves all the massive attention she has garnered this year, however I’m afraid that her success might affect her quality of music in the future. We shall see.

1. Snoh Aalegra – Don’t Explain’
“Don’t explain” is simply a masterpiece. My definite favorite project this year bar none and that includes EPs, albums and mixtapes. This retro jazz-inspired RnB mini album is a story of a girl drunk in love that finds out that she’s the mistress. Hellbent on her man, her world fills with chaos. In the outro you can hear the narrative squeaky voice of Snoh saying “What a mess I’ve made”. That mess is nothing but an amazing piece of music.

Let me know what you think of my top 10 EP’s. List of my top albums of 2016 will be out soon. Like the tunes? Like my page.

Also go check out my soundcloud for the best new music.



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