Top 10 Albums of 2016 – The tuk20 list

Aand we move on to review those albums. Is it just me, or did the albums this year dissapoint a little bit? Click below to read my thoughts and check out dat list:

Ok, so when I made my list this year, I discovered that one genre was heavily overrepresented – 5 out of 10 albums were all RnB records. I started to think maybe I had not put enough effort looking in to music from other genres, but I know for a fact that I have!! The stuff I checked out just happened to not make any lasting impression on me… New records from the likes of Radiohead, Bon Iver, David Bowie (may he rest in peace) and James Blake, just didn’t work for me in some way or another. Plus the Electronic records this year has been to a large extent completely lacklustre. Maybe I’ve also become heavily biased towards RnB…

Overall I feel 2016 has been a good year with a lot of good music, but the variety wasn’t quite there. Although I feel the absolute top quality records also failed to show up, there are still plenty of great albums worth checking out below:

10. Kaytranada – 99,9%
It would be wrong to call Kaytra’s Music for Electronic RnB because he is essentially his own genre. His debut album 99,9% had some gold shit with a lot of great collabs from the likes of .Paak and Syd. Although maybe a bit boring in its full length, Kaytranada always produces quality stuff.

09. Whitney – Light Upon the Lake
The only Indie album on the list this year, but deservedly so. I enjoyed this sweet 30 minute record so much more than Bon Iver’s latest project, a guy I bet this duo really looks up to.

08. The Weeknd – Starboy
I don’t really understand the people that criticizes the pop influence on this record, because Abel already altered his direction on his last record (you be snoozing fellas). In my opinion The Weeknd embraces his pop stardom to the fullest on “Starboy”, and this is the best I’ve heard him since “Trilogy”.

07. Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition
This wacko rap album is by far the craziest I’ve heard this year and I ended up absolutely infatuated by it. Hits like “Pneumonia” and “Really Doe” are some of the coolest songs this year. This psychedelic rabbit hole Danny Brown has created is something you HAVE to check out.

06. Kanye West – The Life of Pablo
My man Kanye also made some really eclectic stuff this year. Only ruined by some experimental shit that just didn’t work, Kanye always pushes the known boundaries to create something new within the realms of Hip Hop. In my opinion, his stuff consistently turns out great.

05. Solange – A Seat at the Table
The best concept album this year and just such a beautiful RnB album. Solange really stepped out of her sister’s shadow with this record. For me, the interludes are just a little bit overkill when Solange already expresses the intended message through song so well.

04. Kareful – Deluge
Forget Flume, forget Zhu, “Deluge” by trap newcomer Kareful is by far the best EDM work this year. Flawless production and some amazing percussion and melodies. I wonder how this would have sounded with some vocals though.

03. YG –  Still Brazy
It’s kinda weird to applaud the rapper that created the track “My Nigga”, but YG’s first record this year was absolutely bomb. Both consciously and politically present, the compton rapper really fuses humour and wisdom in the most awesome way on “Still Brazy”.

02. Frank Ocean – Blonde
Frank’s long awaited resurrection finally came in 2016. What can I really say about this RnB god’s return? Sometimes I feel that Frank has the ability to create mindblowing lyrics from this “stream of conscousness” mindset. I mean, how does he pull it off all together?? The production on “Blonde” is simple, eclectic and beautiful. Is it better than “Channel Orange” though? I don’t really think so.

01. Anderson .Paak – Malibu
To People that read my blog this one should not come as any surprise. Many times I’ve said that 2016 has been .Paak’s year and with the amount of collabs, cameos, projects and pure hype this guy has produced, how can it fucking not be? This sunbathed record with its lushness and heart opened up some many doors for the incredibly gifted artist. The only flaw “Malibu” has is it is just a bit too perfect. And no, I’m not joking. So happy for you Brandon. I hope you get that grammy award

So that’s my top 10 albums guys. What do you think? Did you like the records? Do you think I was too harsh on this year? Or do you maybe agree with my opinion? Let me know what you think of my list. I would’ve also appreciated it if you liked my page or checked out my soundcloud.




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