Best of Youtube – April (PART 1)

Decided to wrap up last month’s best music videos in two parts. Go check it:

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Joey Bada$$ – ALL-AMERIKKAN BADA$$ (Album)

Joey’s back and drops a great sophomore rekkord. It starts out chill and conscious, while going a bit harder and political deeper in to the tracklisting. Honestly think I got some Biggie vibes going on here… Check out the new Bada$$ album below:

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THEY – Nü Religion: HYENA (Album)

Sorry for the wait, but have you guys checked out THEY? Signed by ZHU, these guys got swag for days. And while the debut album is mostly made up of singles from the last couple years, this stuff is just eclectic and cool. Check these guys right here:

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Wiley – Godfather (Album)

15046956_217106985377919_6620023046843400192_nThe English Dr. Dre, the Godfather of UK Grime, the undisputed No. 1 british MC in history, the one and only – Wiley. Listen to the Godfather’s return right here: Continue reading

Best of Youtube – New Music Videos

The best new music in the form of audiovisuals:

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AJ Tracey – Lil Tracey (EP)

2017 is here, and we been snoozing on vacay! Madderofact, I been snoozing not puttin this EP up last month… My man AJ injected 2016 with some dope tracks on the brink of the year. Go get it right here:

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